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Animal DNA Testing Services

Biogenetic Services, Inc. uses PCR/SSR, SNP, and RFLP based methods to fingerprint (genotype) individuals. The Genotypic information is used for animal identification, meat product tracing (Production to Consumption), paternity analysis and forensic analysis for any animal species listed.

Biogenetic Services, Inc. also utilizes PCR/SSR, SNP and RFLP based methods to fingerprint (genotype) individuals to determine whether an animal may be resistant or susceptible to particular diseases (e.g. BSE (Mad Cow Disease) resistance in cattle or Scrapie resistance in sheep) or to diagnose the presence of particular organisms which cause particular diseases in animals.

Animal DNA Genotyping and Diagnostic Analyses

Sheep (Ovine)

Cattle (Bovine)

Elk, Deer, Antelope, Moose, etc. (Cirvid)

Goat (Caprine)

Swine (Porcine)

Fish: Trout, Salmon (Salmonids)

Birds (Avian)


Mountain Lion






1 BGS utilizes DNA/SNP methods to identify individuals that may be resistant or susceptible to Scrapie Disease in sheep.

2 SLS Licensed by University of Utah.

3 BSE (Mad Cow Disease) Resistance Test, Licensed by Texas A&M University System.

4 In fish, BGS utilizes qualitative single and nested PCR or quantitative PCR to diagnose the presence of Myxobolus cerabralis, the parasite that causes whirling disease in Salmonids (salmon, trout). In this latter case, The University of California has awarded a license to BGS for the use of Dr. Ron Hedrick, et. al. DNA based diagnostic test for detecting the Myxobolus cerabralis organism.

To obtain additional pricing and sampling information not provided in our web site for other animal tests (e.g. coat color, *HAL1843™ etc.) as well as other molecular genetic screening, diagnostics, and GMO/ GEP / Transgenic testing services and prices, please contact Biogenetic Services, Inc.

*HAL1843™ Licensed by University of Toronto Innovations Foundation


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