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The Science

The information provided by BGS includes inbred purity analyses, single and multicross hybrid purity and hybridity analyses, early generation analyses, genotyping (fingerprinting), and population (including multicross hybrids) analyses, fertility analyses, pest diagnostics and GMO and non-GMO DNA analyses and transgenic (event) analyses. In addition Human DNA genotyping analyses for human identity are provided by our Human Identity Genetics Laboratory.

Routine Test Methods used at BGS, Inc.

Protein Tests for Plants

  • Isozyme Electrophoresis
  • ELISA Protein Assays
  • Antibody Strip Tests

DNA Tests for Plants, Animals and Humans

  • PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)
  • SSR (Simple Sequence Repeat)
  • EST (Expressed Sequence Tag)
  • SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism)
  • RFLP (Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism)

Application of Molecular Marker Technology in Plants and Animals

Production Quality Assurance for Plants

  • Inbred and Hybrid Purity Testing
  • Inbred Maintenance (Purification), Integrity
  • Variety (Inbred / Hybrid) Identification
  • GMO / non-GMO Testing

Genotyping / Fingerprinting / Profiling

  • Marker Discovery / Utilization
  • Germplasm Characterization
  • Plant Variety Identification
  • Inbred Line Development
  • Inbred Integrity (Homozygosity)
  • Transgenic (Event) Testing (Bt, RR, etc.)
  • Plant Parentage Testing
  • Plant Variety Protection
  • Animal Pregnancy Testing
  • Animal Parentage Testing
  • Animal Identification and Protection
  • Animal Diagnostics (e.g. BSE (Mad Cow Disease), resistance (Sheep Scrapie Resistance))
  • Animal Product / Commodity Tracing (Genetic Labeling)
  • Pest Diagnostics (e.g. Myxobolus cerebralis which causes whirling disease in Salmonids)
  • Human Genetic Relationship Testing and Parentage Analyses

Marker Facilitated Breeding of Plants, Animals, and Human

  • Gene Mapping
  • Linkage to Single-Gene Traits (QTL)
  • Linkage to Multi-Gene Traits (QTL)
  • Marker Facilitated Selection (BSE (Mad Cow Disease Resistance), Scrapie Resistance, Bt, RR, etc.)
  • Marker Facilitated Backcrossing (e.g. Bt, RR, etc.)
  • Cytoplasmic Identity / Fertility PCR Methods Testing
  • Transgenic (Event) Testing (Bt, RR, etc.)

GMO / Non-GMO Verification

  • Seed / Grain Lot Analyses (Bt, RR, etc.)
  • GMO / nonGMO Verification using promoter / terminator assays
    (any commodity or product)
  • GMO / nonGMO Verification using specific approved events
  • Population / Progeny Analyses (Bt, RR)
  • Zygosity Testing (e.g. Cotton and Corn RR)


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