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The Need for DNA Testing of Humans

The genetic markers used in DNA testing comprise a precise genetic fingerprinting tool that may be used to identify individuals, differentiate between individuals, and indicate genetic relationships between individuals. With the exception of identical twins, no two individuals have the same DNA genotypic fingerprint. Therefore, this type of testing has proven to be extremely useful for helping to solve criminal cases, paternity disputes and establishing biological relationships for various reasons.

Why Might Someone Want to Have DNA Tests Performed?

Probably the most common reason for DNA tests is to establish parentage by testing a mother, child and man thought to be the biological father. Because properly used DNA tests are so conclusive, paternity disputes can often be resolved without costly courtroom hearings. With the results of a DNA test, lawyers are able to help clients resolve their paternity disputes in a more timely and less burdensome manner.

Even when the presumed biological father is not available, paternity can often be established using paternal relatives. If the man is deceased, for example, the presumed father’s parents (or other relatives) could be used in his place. Depending on the situation, this might provide a valuable contribution toward obtaining social security for a minor child of a deceased man.

  • DNA testing can be used to indicate if two children have the same two parents, or if they only have one parent in common.

  • With the increasing use of assisted reproduction, DNA testing can be used to determine if the appropriate genetic donors were used.

  • DNA testing may be the best way to distinguish between identical and fraternal twins. The identical twins will have exactly the same genetic patterns while fraternal twins will differ in their patterns.

  • Determination of a genetic relationship can play an important part in establishing connections between adoptees and biological family members, or separated family members. DNA tests may be able to make these connections.

  • For identification purposes, DNA genotypes can be determined for individuals.

  • DNA genotypes can be used to develop a family tree for use in "genealogical studies".


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