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Relationship/Paternity/Maternity DNA Testing

The parentage test results provided by our Identity Genetics Laboratory provide confirmed exclusionary evidence or inclusionary evidence at or above the 99% probability level using multiple genetic markers. Tests are routinely conducted using a standard battery of 9 to 18 genetic markers using current PCR technology.

Final parentage test results are usually reported by FAX , E-mail, and/or regular mail within 30 calendar days of receiving the samples and payment. Rush service may be scheduled at additional cost on a case by case basis.

The staff in our Identity Genetics laboratory takes great pride in the laboratory's reputation of providing high quality, efficient, and personal service in conducting parentage tests for its customers worldwide. Biogenetic Services, Inc. and its Identity Genetics laboratory are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of every customer. The staff in our Identity Genetics laboratory welcomes the opportunity to serve our customers to help them accomplish their relationship and parentage test requirements.

Our Identity Genetics laboratory routinely makes key personnel available to our customers for confidential interpretation of parentage test results. Consultation services for depositions and expert witness regarding parentage tests may be arranged as necessary.

Because Identity Genetics is a laboratory in a privately owned company, our customers are able to communicate directly with the individuals who have the authority to make decisions. Our staff has extensive experience in the utilization and application of genetic marker (genetic fingerprinting/genotyping) technology and is always available to answer questions.


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