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DNA Parentage Testing – Home Sampling Kit

Home DNA collection and parentage testing is easy to initiate, very accurate and confidential results are usually available within 14 working days.

Home DNA Sampling Kits are available directly from Biogenetic Services, Inc. for only $25.00 plus $6.00 shipping and handling (SD residents included applicable sales tax). The kits contain all information and materials required for collecting inner cheek cells on swabs. The collected samples are then sent to our Identity Genetics laboratory using the postage prepaid return envelope.

The cost to conduct the DNA test is $80 per individual. Thus, the cost for a trio (mother, child, and tested man) is $25 plus S/H and $240 (SD residents include applicable sales tax). Similarly, a duo (child and tested man) is $25 plus S/H and $160 (SD residents include applicable sales tax).

There are four basic steps to follow when ordering and using a DNA Home Parentage Test Kit:

  1. Download the Home DNA Sample Kit Order Form to purchase a DNA Sample Collection Kit directly from Biogenetic Services, Inc. (Requires Adobe® Reader®)
  2. Collect two inner cheek samples from each individual to be tested using buccal swabs provided in the kit and complete authorization for relationship test form.
  3. Ship completed authorization test form, payment and buccal swab samples in the appropriately labeled envelopes using the postage prepaid return envelope to Biogenetic Services, Inc.
  4. DNA test results will be provided by fax, email, or mail as indicated on the Authorization for Test Form.

Note: Although the Home DNA Sample Collection Kit is not intended for legal purposes, the purchase price of the kit is applicable toward any Legal (sampling is scheduled by IGI staff and sampling is conducted and witnessed by an appropriately trained professional) Parentage Test. A legal parentage test requires that an appropriate Chain of Custody procedure is followed to ensure results are acceptable to courts, child support agencies, and other government agencies. Call 605-693-8501 or email: for more information regarding Legal DNA Parentage Testing including costs.


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