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Isozyme Genotyping

How to initiate Plant Isozyme Genotying

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About Isozyme Genotyping (Fingerprinting):

The following discussion is relevant to essentially all molecular marker methods used by BGS including protein (isozymes) and DNA methods (SSR, EST, SNP). The development of isozyme and/or DNA databases is a prerequisite to varietal identification and protection. The genetic fingerprint provides a detailed description of both the raw material and the products of plant breeding and production that were not possible prior to the late 1960s.

At the present time there are about 85 isozyme loci useful for identification of inbred lines of maize. However, there are only 26 isozyme loci currently included in the public isozyme data base that are being used for identification and protection of maize.

In addition to isozyme loci, there are many more polymorphic codominant DNA markers available for identification and protection of maize (5000+ SSR loci), sunflower (1000+ SSR loci), and soybean (1000+SSR loci).

All samples sent to BGS should be coded so as not to inform BGS of proprietary information. BGS will keep confidential all information regarding the parentage of seed lines and assay results provided by BGS. BGS shall have no other liability to customers with respect to customer information, interpretation, and use.

Isozyme purity assays of inbred lines and single cross hybrids will normally be completed within 7-24 days of the schedule dates. The time required for other types of analyses depend primarily upon the type of assay and the season and must be agreed to on a case by case basis.

The running schedule is established on a first come first served basis. At least 300 seeds per sample should be submitted for inbred and hybrid isozyme purity assays of maize. Also, it will be useful to submit a 100+ seed sample of each actual parent seed lot used to produce each hybrid lot submitted. Seeds should be pre-treated with an appropriate fungicide whenever possible. Contact Biogenetic Services, Inc. to obtain additional information concerning sample sizes to ship to BGS, prices, turnaround times, etc. for each type of analysis required.

Turnaround times are generally scheduled on a case by case basis. Volume discounts are available, and we encourage and accept long term contracts.

Plant Species Routinely Analyzed by Biogenetic Services, Inc.

Plant species which are routinely analyzed or can be analyzed (genotyped, fingerprinted, profiled) by BGS using protein or DNA markers (isozymes, RFLPs, PCR/SSRs/EST/SNP) follows:

Plant Species (Crops)

Monocots (Examples)

Corn • Sweetcorn • Popcorn • Sorghum • Millet • Wheat • Oats • Barley • Turf Grasses • Prairie Grasses • Rice • Pineapple

Dicots (Examples)

Canola • Cotton • Soybean • Sunflower • Tomato • Brassica species • Cucurbits • Squash • Papaya • Sugar Beet • Melons • Peppers • Ornamentals • Carnation • Plumbago • Fruit Trees • Potatoes • Primrose • Hops • Strawberries • Blueberries • Tobacco • Heather

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