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Elk/Red Deer Purity Testing

How to initiate an Elk/Red Deer Purity Test

  1. Click Here to View and Print an Order Form. An order form includes a packing slip and sample shipping instructions.
  2. Mail the completed form(s), sample(s) (serum, ear notch), and payment information to Biogenetic Services, Inc.

Note: The ordering documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader® for viewing and printing.

If you have any questions about the order forms, sample collection and mailing, or testing services, please contact Biogenetic Services, Inc.

About Elk/Red Deer Purity Testing

Biogenetic Services, Inc. has validated using control samples provided by NAEBA members, including pure elk, pure red deer and hybrid/red deer samples, and is currently utilizing a new Elk/Red Deer purity test. The validation showed that whole blood collected in a purple top blood tube (w/EDTA) worked well for all samples. After several hundred test runs BGS shows an accuracy rate of ±95%. This purity test is considerably ≈25% more accurate than any of the previously reported test methods.

This test gives a report of genotypes based on protein banding codes (Elk, Red Deer, Hybrid). Thus, the test is able to differentiate a homozygous elk, homozygous red deer with approximately ± 95% accuracy. It shows any potential red deer contributing genetics to a de-sired pure elk sample going back for several generations. It is not able to give a definitive percent of red deer contribution to the genetic sample. The blood samples must be shipped express mail in purple top tubes (w/EDTA).


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