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ELISA Pregnancy Testing in Dairy and Beef Cattle

How to initiate an ELISA Pregnancy Test in cattle

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About Pregnancy Testing Dairy and Beef Cattle

Biogenetic Services, Inc. has validated and is currently utilizing a new IDEXX  Bovine Pregnancy test for Dairy and Beef cattle.  The validation showed that whole blood collected in a purple top blood tube (w/EDTA), serum and/or blood properly collected on a TEGO blood card using an Allflex ear tagger worked well for all samples.

The IDEXX Bovine Pregnancy test is “exceptionally accurate”.  Thus, our customers are now able to know with greater than 99% certainty that their cow is open at just 28 days after breeding.  Also a cow is identified as negative as soon as 60 days post calving without interference from the previous pregnancy.  The IDEXX Bovine Pregnancy test detects pregnancy with 99.3% sensitivity and up to 95.1% specificity.

The test detects pregnancy – associated glycoproteins (PAGs) in serum or EDTA plasma as early as 28 days after breeding to allow more frequent testing and improved reproductive performance.

Contact us to obtain TEGO Blood Cards, and current prices, including shipping costs.


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